28.04.2023: Webinar 
"Kocie problemy z kuwetą"
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20.02.2021: Webinar "Stress in Cats".

Stress in Cats

Environmental deprivations make it impossible for our cats to present the species-typical behaviours. This, in cosequence, leads to negative emotional balance and various behavioural issues. The problem becomes a real challenge in multi-cat environments, where the compulsion to live in a group that the cat did not choose, combined with environmental deprivations, causes enormous confusion in the cat's psyche and a sharp decline in the emotional balance, often leading to depression.

What are the sources of stress for cats in our home conditions? What can we do to prevent them? One of many questions we’ll try to answer. Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Date: 20 February 2021 (Saturday).

Platform: Zoom.

Time: 11:00 - 14:00.

Fee: 30 €.

Lecturer: Dorota Szadurska, Cat Counsellor and Beahaviourist.

Registration: closed.

Dorota Szadurska, Graduate of Animal Psychology (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Member of The International Association of Animal Professionals

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